Premier Wood Care specializes in exterior wood sealing and restoration.

Structures include:

Fences Decks
Arbors Gazebos
Play-Sets Furniture

New Wood:

We recommend that new wooden structures be allowed to stand for 4-6 weeks before sealing.  This "curing" process will allow for better absorption of our sealer and deliver a more predictable color.  For new cedar fences curing is especially important due to the high moisture content of the wood.

Older Wood:

Gray or previously treated wood in excess of 1 year old is first treated with a chlorine-based cleaning solution.  The cleaning process will remove any dark or gray areas from the wood and prepare the surface for sealing.  After cleaning, the wood is allowed to stand for a minimum of 48 hours before sealing.  Older wood, due to increased porousness, will typically absorb a greater amount of sealer and exhibit a darker color.